Sperm storage Sperm storage
KRIO Institute
the first Health Care Centre for Men in Hungary – from 1998

We are offering a high range of services for men, who would like to be 100% confident when it comes to their health and future. As a private health care centre we are proud of our high-level customer service, we respect your needs and offer you privacy during the examinations.

Sperm analysis
Sperm analysis

Want to make sure that you don’t have any problems with your fertility? Come and ask for a sperm analysis!

The sperm sample can be given in our Institute, in a separate, dedicated room; or it can be also given at home (please make sure that you bring the sample back to the laboratory in 1,5 hrs).

Price: 29 000 HUF.

Sperm freeze and store
Sperm freeze & store

Want to freeze and store your sperm? Visit our Institute or use our home collection kit!

Would you like to store your sperm? We have many options for you. You’re too busy, or you’re just feeling uncomfortable to visit a spermbank? We created a solution for you: with our sperm home collection kit you don’t need to visit our Institute, just order the kit to your home, and select the day when you would like to send your sample back to the laboratory. We organize everything for you!

Price: from 177 000 HUF. For a detailed, unique offer please contact our customer service.

Who we are?

In 2023 KRIO Institute is celebrating a very important anniversary – the 25th year of sperm banking business. The Institute performs analysing, freezing and storing sperms for own use since 1998. In the laboratory there’s more than two decades of professional experience in the field of sperm analysis, which examination is widened with the most modern computer technique (CASA), additionally with the classic microscopic test. If it is indicated by a sperm analysis, a specialist andrologist is also available to our clients by offering the possibility of a complex investigation of male infertility.

Our institute is a member of the international FamiCord Group, which provides the international background.

KRIO Institute makes great efforts to offer client-friendly, high-quality services. Always performs permanent discount offers, the services are available almost immediately, the laboratory is easily accessible, and it takes place in an exclusive environment in Buda. The laboratory staff is highly gualified, as are the members of the administration team. In customer satisfaction reports the sperm laboratory achieves exceptionally high results. The Institute pays particular attention to the continuous training of its staff.

What services does KRIO, as a sperm bank offer?

The sperm bank is a healthcare provider, where following sperm analysis sperm cells are frozen and stored in liquid nitrogen without quality deterioration, allowing them to be used later for private purposes only.

What explains the growing role of sperm banks?

Previously, women in their first half of their 20s were most often have had children, their numbers have fallen dramatically. The decrease is also significant among women aged 25-29 (around 30%). However, the number of 30-34 years old women having their first child are doubled and the number of women having their first child in their second half of their 30s are almost tripled.

While in 1990, 81% of planned children were born by women in their late 20s, this proportion fell to 49% in 2018, meaning that the number of planned children are born to mothers aged 30 or over. This is the result of a major change in the way men and women are independently (and couples together) are now thinking about family planning: the importance of education, higher education and job security have come to the fore, while the importance of stable relationship formation, starting a family and having children were delayed.

The thought of starting a family is of low interest at a young age amongst men: if it does, they are not aware of difficulties. Obviously, not everyone knows in Hungary that only men can store their samples without medical indication, while women can only do that in case of a severe disorder.

Sperm counts in male samples have fallen by 50% over the past 40 years. 19%, namely one in five Hungarian couples planning to have a child, have infertility problems. In 50% of cases the problem is caused by male infertility.

Few people know that male fertility also declines with age, and can be affected by lifestyle factors such as smoking, alcohol consumption, intense sports, obesity, stress, certain professions and sports with an increased risk of injury (footballers, cyclists, extreme sportsmen, firefighters, police officers, occupations exposed to X-rays, etc.) but also seemingly banal factors such as poor diet or too many hot baths and tight trousers.

3 most common misconceptions on sperm storage:

  • Good sexual activity and erectile function are a guarantee of good sperm quality. Unfortunately, there is no link between a satisfying sex life and fertility.
  • Sperm analysis and storage must be accompanied by andrological testing. This is not the case, of course, but when the client is informed of the results of the sperm analysis, we will always tell him if it is recommended to consult an andrologist.
  • It is akward to give a sample, so it may not work. Samples are always given in an intimate, separate environment, making sure that the clients feel as comfortable as possible. The biologists work with samples like this every day, so for them it's as common as taking a blood sample or urine test.

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