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Home collection with sperm bank storage - lifelong fertility!

For conscious men who keep up with the advances in science and technology, the Krio Institute's Manfinity kit offers a revolutionary solution for lifelong fertility preservation. Home collection kits have been introduced in the sperm banks worldwide, in order to make the sperm storage service as convenient and discreet as possible for their customers. Keeping up with this trend, the Krio Institute introduced its Manfinity service, a unique service in Hungary.

This ground-breaking new technology allows the preservation of sperm for conscious family planning for men who want to take control of their future.

Manfinity home collection kit offers the possibility to collect sperm samples at home and store them in a sperm bank indefinitely. Having the Manfinity home collection kit, the customer has the freedom to decide when he wants to use the kit, as he do not need to make an appointment to our Institue, but a courier will deliver the kit to their home. The kit is also returned by courier, so convenience and discretion are guaranteed. Once the sample is received, it is evaluated and stored for as long as the client requires. The collection kit is easy to use, furthermore, the advantage of home sampling is the possibility of a higher quality and larger quantity of sperms. We can freeze up to 6 units of a single semen sample, so if there is a problem with fertility in the future, the client can use his samples several times.

We offer our Manfinity service to all healthy men who are thinking responsibly about the future and want to ensure that they can start a family even if the unexpected happens. The future is unpredictable - having children should not be.