Sperm storage Sperm storage
Freezing and storage

The freezing of sperm samples - divided into several different units - is programmed in a freezing machine and then continuously controlled and stored at low temperatures which provides that cells do not practically age. They are stored in liquid nitrogen (-196℃) or in its vapor space, for an unlimited period, without quality deterioration. Storing the frozen samples in divided units means that the client can use his samples several times for artificial inseminations. Approximately ten - fifteen storage units of a single sperm sample can be frozen, so if fertility problems appear later, the stored sample has a good chance of ensuring the conception of more children. It is very important that only and exclusively the man who deposited the sperm sample has access to the stored sample.

Every healthy man should consider the opportunity to freeze his own sperm sample, especially when his age and health condition indicate that his sperm quality is likely to be sufficient for fertility. Ideally, this should be a routine part of the recommended screening tests and preventive interventions for men. If all the results of sperm analysis are adequate, then the sample is suitable and sufficiently valuable enough to be worthy to store. If the results are not appropriate (are below the limit, but still detectable viable, mobile sperm): in this case, storage of sample is recommended, because investigation of the problem can last for months.

There are many illnesses when the illness itself, or the complications can have a huge affect on men’s fertility, in the worst case, infertility can occur. For example testicular or any other tumour. After such diagnosis the patient should be informed about sperm freezing opportunities. Krio Institute makes great efforts to provide all patients with the necessary information on sperm storage, and experience has shown that medical staff are also increasingly focusing on providing this information when needed.

Our institute has the possibility to test and freeze surgically obtained sperm (testicular biopsy) as well.