Sperm storage Sperm storage
Sperm analysis

In all cases, the laboratory tests the sample by a computer-generated semen sample assisted microscopic analysis.

The analysis of fertility, relative to WHO limits, can be objectively defined and is also a great opportunity to find out in time if a man has a disease that affects his fertility, inflammation, infection. For such analysis the sperm sample should be given in the laboratory, in a separate, intimate environment. If the client would like to give the sample at home, he can do it, but the sample must be brought to the laboratory in 1,5 hours. The laboratory works based on the standard of WHO VI.

There are 4 parameters considered in the analysis:

How much sperm is produced?
Number / concentration
Total amount of sperm and concentration (sperm/ml).
Percentage of motile sperms in the sample.
Percentage of sperms normal in size, shape and appearance in the sample.